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Congratulations, Momma! You definitely deserve a cookie! Our New Mom Starter Kit will kick off your feeding journey with plenty of cookies and a variety of flavors so you can just relax.

Our cookies deliver improved lactation without compromising on fresh, chewy, flavorful goodness! Our exclusive mix of galactagogues, including Whole Oats, Brewer’s Yeast, and Flaxseed Meal do all the work so moms can focus on themselves and their loved ones.

What Our Moms Say

Skeptic Turned Believer
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I received these cookies as a gift and was really skeptical. In fact, I ended up eating them when I was totally blah and disillusioned with my crying baby. The cookies looked good and served as comfort food, or so I thought. I first had two and they were so good. Had to have another two with a cup of milk. By my baby's next feeding, I thought I was dreaming! I couldn't believe the difference! Can hardly wait to try the other flavors:)
Leah B.
Nothing like it!
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I got these cookies as a gift (they know I love oreos;). Though I didn't really need the extra help, having a mom-only snack around, especially when there's no time to prep food, is a real treat! I had some during the day here and there and then at night another few. I was NOT prepared for what happened the next morning. My breasts were overflowing with milk. My poor baby could hardly gulp down the milk, it was coming in so fast! I would highly recommend these cookies, especially for moms who pump. That extra milk says it all!
Hanna L.
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This wasn't for my first baby but for some reason my milk wasn't coming in. My doula recommended I try these cookies and overnight, my milk started coming in. Haven't had a problem since, but without these cookies, I'm not sure I would've been able to nurse my baby at all. A real blessing!
Ilana H.
Perfect for First Time
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All the flavors look so good, I wasn't sure which to buy. This sample pack was exactly what I needed. They're all good, but now I know which cookies I like best and what to order more of when it's time. Great snack and great for my milk!
Michelle E.
Super Soft, So Yummy!
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I'll do anything to increase my milk supply. I'm not a fan of cookies, but these are super super soft, so chewy, and so yummy! If you're breastfeeding or pumping, I highly recommend these cookies!
Rena W.
Definite Increase!
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The cookies were delicious and I definitely saw an increase in my milk supply! Thanks!
The Best!
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These are the best lactation cookies!! They worked so well for me!