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Enhance Your Nursing Experience

Homemade, healthy cookies specially made to boost Mom’s milk supply

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Mommy's Cookie Jar™ Cookies

Enhances the Supply of Mother's Milk

Baby’s not getting enough milk? Try Mommy’s Cookie Jar’s kosher lactation cookies, cookies specially made to boost Mom’s milk supply.

Our exclusive mix of galactagogues, including Whole Oats, Brewer’s Yeast and Flaxseed Meal, naturally increase breast milk production. This unique combination together with the rest of our fine ingredients is how we produce our milk enhancing lactation cookies.

New Mom Baby Gift

Our New Mom Baby Gift is the perfect present for any nursing mom! A dozen cookies beautifully wrapped arrives at Mom’s door every two weeks, each package a different flavor:

The perfect baby gift – practical, original and fulfilling!

New Mom Starter Kit

Not sure what flavors you like?

Why choose one when you can have them all? The starter kit comes with four packs of cookies, each one a different flavor, conveniently sealed in packs of two so you can enjoy whatever flavor strikes your mood.

Don’t settle, try them all!

Sampler Pack

Still debating which flavor would go best with your morning coffee? How about getting the sampler pack. Conveniently wrapped packs of 2 for your eating pleasure.

The perfect morning treat!

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