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Our Mission

To augment Mom’s milk supply in a sweet way and take nursing from task to treat.

With premium ingredients in every freshly baked cookie, we guarantee products that are not only delicious but also a boon for the nursing mom!

Our Story

With thanks to the A-lmighty, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of nursing all my babies through their first year. As any nursing mother will attest, nursing while holding down a full-time job is never an easy undertaking.

Anyone who’s nursed knows that it’s different with each baby, and with my youngest I was having a hard time pumping enough to keep up with his demand and feeding schedule; I could feel I wasn’t producing enough milk.

I tried eating all the right foods, as well as those touted to be beneficial to my cause … but I was looking for more. When I researched the topic on my agenda, I came across several outlets catering to the needs of the non-kosher consumer / nursing mom, yet could find nothing comparable in our kosher world.

That’s when I called on my sister-in-law, Camille, a professional cook. I provided her with a list of ingredients I required in my cookies – such as brewer’s yeast, flaxseed and oatmeal – and she got straight to work. After much trial and error (and tasting, yum!) to achieve the perfect blend of taste and consistency, the hard work paid off and Mommy’s Cookie Jar was born!

That’s not to say we’re in any way through experimenting. My creative and dedicated sister-in-law constantly strives to bring more (and varied) flavor and wholesome goodness to the Kosher nursing mom everywhere. Once you try them, we know you will agree that Mommy’s Cookie Jar’s cookies are simply divine, in taste and nutrition – and in actually being a boon for the nursing mother!

XOXO, Brooke & Camille

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